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October 24, 2022

Emily Gaudiano, Ph.D.

Dr. Emily Gaudiano is responsible for investment identification, due diligence, business development, and company creation activities at MPM BioImpact. Emily joined MPM BioImpact full time in 2022 after completing an internship with the firm, where she supported diligence efforts for portfolio company Aktis Oncology and surveyed incoming deal flow for investment opportunities.

Prior to joining MPM BioImpact, Emily was awarded her Ph.D. in Chemical Biology at Harvard Medical School under advisor Arlene Sharpe. Her thesis focused on characterizing novel signaling mechanisms of co-inhibitory receptor PD-1 in tumor infiltrating lymphocytes. In addition to her academic research, Emily served as a director on the leadership team of the GSAS Harvard Biotech Club and has been involved in a variety of community outreach programs across Boston to address healthcare disparities.

Emily received her B.S. in Biochemistry from Boston College.