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30+ Years of Biotech Investing
57 FDA-approved drugs
39 Companies founded since 2010

Companies created by MPM BioImpact include portfolio companies where MPM BioImpact was a co-founder or early lead investor from 2010 to today, representing the period that MPM BioImpact’s strategy has been focused on company creation.

Our Company Creation Model

In 2014, Doug Melton, Ph.D., Director of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and long-standing academic relationship with the MPM BioImpact team, made a groundbreaking research finding enabling the generation of human pancreatic beta cells from pluripotent stem cells, facilitating a potentially curative cell therapy for type 1 diabetes. Based on this discovery, MPM BioImpact, led by Managing Director Todd Foley, M.B.A., founded and incubated Semma Therapeutics alongside Dr. Melton and led the 2015 Series A round.

i. The case study above is for illustrative purposes only and was not selected based on the performance of such investment. Rather, it is shown as a representative example of a company that MPM BioImpact created and built. This investment represents a portion of MPM BioImpact’s portfolio and is not intended to be representative of future investments.




Meet our Team

MPM BioImpact’s investment team consists of professionals who have dedicated their careers to research and drug development, company creation, corporate strategy, and commercialization. Our Executive Partners & Entrepreneurs provide deep domain expertise as investor-operators and work with our diverse staff of scientists and professionals to develop therapies for diseases with a high unmet need. Collectively, we are a team of deeply experienced company creators that help transform scientific discoveries into breakthrough medicines for the patients that need them most.

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